"The Burning of Broken Beak", currently in Post-Production, expected completion date 2025.  Roles: writer/ director/ editor/ composer/ cinematographer.  

An ecological horror/thriller set in New Zealand.  Starring  Briar Rose, Lydia Peckham, Katlyn Wong, Joel Tobeck, Dayna Grant, Jonny Brugh, Bruce Hopkins and Rob Kipa-Williams. 

"When photographer Emma returns to New Zealand to claim her inheritance after the murder of her uncle, she starts seeing visions of a monster called Broken Beak. As more family members die, Emma feels compelled toward a vengeful action."

For more information... https://www.ogressthemovie.com and on IMDB

"Out of Breath", 2022. Roles: writer/ director/ editor/ composter/ cinematographer.

Winner 2022 Sarasota Film Festival Narrative Jury Prize, 2022 Bushwick Film Festival Audience Award, 2022 Boston International Film Festival Indie Spirit Award.

Starring Mario C Brown, Christine Sang, and Jeffrey Grover. 

"After a confrontation leaves a racist police officer dead, charismatic out-of-work actor Jean-Michel tries to convince Audrey, a hip street photographer, to flee the city with him."

View the trailer here and find more information on the film on the film's website

View the full film here on Tubi

"Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two", 2014. Roles: writer/ director/ composer/ editor.

Premiered at Sci-Fi London 2014, Winner of the 2014 Arizona Underground Film Festival Best Experimental Award.

Starring Adeline Thery, Christian Carroll and Brian Stoop.

"An inventor creates a camera that can duplicate what it films. Using this camera he attempts to capture and preserve a moment of happiness between himself and his lover in the hope that his duplicate self will be happy forever if the recording is projected in an endless loop."

View the trailer here and the full film below.